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NewWolf Screenshots

Experimantal HiRes texture support using 512x512x24 textures.
(Version 0.70)

NewWolf under Wine using Mandrake 9.0.
(Version 0.69)

Famous picture of two Johns and two Caramacs.

NewWolf inner architecture.

Now we have demo support
(Version 0.51)

ReadThis! is also supported
(Version 0.51)

Spear of Destiny Support
(Version 0.51)

Spear in action
(Version 0.51)

Spear Additional Missions also do!
(Version 0.51)

And they are looking excellent!
(Version 0.51)

Just a cool shot
(Version 0.39)

AutoMap in Action
(Version 0.39)

Shot specialy for fnjordy. Look how it looks on my TNT2 card.
By the way it would be cool to add support for demo rec/play & make wolf done quick.
Romero claims he can do episode 1 for 5:20.
(Version 0.37)

It has a cool map (no automap, now)!
(Version 0.22)

It has an optional dark fog (are you scared?)
(Version 0.22)

May be a green haze will stop B.J.?
(Version 0.22)

And of course as any game nowdays it hase a cool console!
(Version 0.22)

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