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Name OS Comments
WolfGL "It's a pretty faithful rendition." - Bruce Lewis.
It has 4 different modules: Wolf shareware, Wolf full, Spear demo, Spear full. Each of them is for Windows & for Linux. I can't get Linux version working, but windows wersion is pretty close to original, but needs work. No enchacements of any kind, except OpenGL was noticed, console do not work. No music & AdLib sounds, no 3D sound present, etc...
Orpheon Project is dead. But it looked good. No executable released.
Linux Wolf Runs either in a window (xwolf3d) or with svgalib (swolf3d). No sound. Supports wl6, but it looks like it's possible to change #defines in source. Has problems with a status bar (HUD). Good work, anyway!
XWolf Runs in a window, only in 8 or 16 bpp color. Has no sound support. Supports only spear demo data.
Wolf NT   New project from master of the porting: Bruce Lewis (creator of the famous glDoom).
No executable is released up to date. But he claims that he is working on it. Go to his site & read, what is written there.
Wolf DX Software rendering in a window, still in early development. Has sound & music. Runs on wl6 v1.4 data.
NewWolf This is my, project! I do not want to tell how good/bad it is. Download & find out this.
Amiga Wolf Amiga What is Amiga? What is Wolf3D for Amiga? Who made it? Is there a source? I do not know! It is not for me, and hope not for you! It is here just to complete the table!

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